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As stands as the most popular genealogy site in the United States, it is a topic that many people are curious about and want to learn more about. This article provides a breakdown of the company, some interesting facts and figures, a brief history, and a look at what it has to offer for genealogists today!

What is is the most popular ancestry site in the United States, according to a recent study by comScore. The online genealogy service has more than 35 million unique visitors each month, making it the go-to destination for people interested in tracing their family history. offers a comprehensive range of services, including free access to its historical records, DNA testing, and tree-building tools. The site also offers premium membership plans that offer additional features, such as access to's Library of Genealogical Records and the ability to create custom genealogical reports.

What are some of the most popular features on

One of the most popular features on is its extensive collection of historical records. This includes census records, marriage records, wills, military records, and other documents dating back to the early days of America. The site also offers access to birth and death records, obituaries, and other genealogical information from around the world.

Another popular feature on is its DNA testing service. This allows users to learn more about their genetic heritage by testing their mitochondrial and Y-chromosome DNA


How Does Work? is the most popular ancestry site in the United States, according to a recent study. The survey, released by comScore earlier this month, found that was used by nearly one-third of all Americans who visited a website in January 2016.

The survey also found that is the most popular site among both African Americans (37 percent) and Caucasians (36 percent). The site’s popularity is likely due to its expansive collections of genealogical information, which are available to anyone who pays a subscription fee. also offers free trial accounts for some of its more popular services, such as Family Tree Maker and My Heritage.'s success has inspired other genealogical websites to compete for users’ attention., for example, ranked second on the comScore list with 23 percent of website visits during January 2016. However, is much less comprehensive than and does not offer paid services such as Family Tree Maker or My Heritage.

Benefits of Using

If you're like most Americans, you probably have an ancestor or two buried in a family cemetery. is the most popular ancestry website in the United States, and it's also one of the most powerful tools you can use to learn more about your family history. Here are five reasons why you should start using

1. It's Free - is free to use, and that includes access to all of the site's resources, including genealogical records, family trees, and photos. There's no need to pay any fees to view or download information on

2. It's Compliant With Copyright Laws - is compliant with copyright laws, which means that you can use the site's resources to research your family history without fear of being sued by someone else.

3. It Contains Millions of Records - contains more than 15 million records covering every country in the world, as well as hundreds of billions of historical documents and images.

4. It Can Help You Find Relatives You Haven't Been Able To Contact Before.

Pros and Cons of Using is one of the most popular ancestry websites in the United States. It allows users to search for ancestry information on their family tree, and it also offers a subscription service that includes access to a database of over 20 million records. While is a valuable resource for genealogy research, there are some drawbacks to using the site.

Pros of Using

1. is one of the most comprehensive genealogical resources available online. It offers a subscription service that includes access to a database of over 20 million records, as well as a free public database that contains millions of records.

2. The subscription service provides users with detailed information about their family tree, including birth and death dates, marriage and divorce records, and military records. This information can be very helpful when researching your family history.

3. The site is easy to use and navigate. All users need is an Internet connection and a username and password to access the site.

4. provides users with historical context about families who have been included in its database, including information about where families lived and what events occurred during their lives. This contextual information can

Conclusion is undoubtedly one of the most popular ancestry sites on the internet, with millions of people using it each month to learn more about their family history. From genealogy enthusiasts to those simply curious about their family roots, has something for everyone. If you are looking for a place to start your research into your family history, or if you are just exploring what is available on the website, I recommend starting with our beginner's guide to .