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Eco-Friendly and Chic | Discover Pomelo Sustainable Fashion Line

Are you someone who loves fashion but also cares about the environment? Do you believe that sustainability and style can go hand-in-hand? If yes, then you are in for a treat! Today, we are excited to introduce Pomelo sustainable fashion line – an eco-friendly range of clothing that is both chic and conscious. With this collection, Pomelo has taken a step towards reducing their carbon footprint while still keeping up with the latest trends in fashion. So, let’s dive into the world of sustainable fashion and explore what Pomelo has to offer!

What is Pomelo?

Pomelo is a luxury eco-friendly fashion line founded in 2013 by two sisters. The sisters are passionate about creating sustainable and stylish clothing that can be worn everyday. Pomelo garments are made from natural materials, like wool and cotton, and are designed to last.

How does Pomelo make their clothes?

Pomelo is a sustainable fashion brand that creates clothes made from organic cotton and bamboo. The materials are sourced sustainably, without the use of harmful chemicals or dyes.

The garments are made to be comfortable and stylish. The designs are inspired by natural elements, such as flowers and leaves. Pomelo also promotes eco-friendly living through their clothing line. For every garment sold, they donate a pair of shoes to someone in need.

What are the fashion benefits of using Pomelo products?

Pomelo is a sustainable fashion line that uses natural materials like organic cotton and recycled materials. They aim to reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices, such as using post-consumer recycled content in their products. Here are six reasons to start shopping with Pomelo:

1. Sustainable sourcing: Pomelo only uses sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled content in their products. This helps reduce waste while promoting eco-friendly practices.

2. Trendsetting style: With trendy and sustainable clothing options, you can be the fashionista that hits the ground running when it comes to sustainability trends.

3. Comfortability: Thanks to organic cotton, all of Pomelo clothes are comfortable AF! You can wear them all day long with no worries about irritation or allergic reactions.


Pomelo is a sustainable fashion line that uses only environmentally friendly materials and practices. By doing so, they are helping to protect our environment and support local businesses. In addition to being eco-friendly, Pomelo clothing is chic and stylish. They have a large selection of women's and men's clothing, as well as accessories, so there is something for everyone. If you are looking for fashionable clothing that also supports sustainability, Pomelo is the perfect choice.