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Discover the Journey of Answear | A Polish Fashion Brand Setting High Quality Standards

Welcome fashion enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the world of Answear, a Polish fashion brand that is redefining high quality standards. From its humble beginnings to becoming a global sensation, this blog post will unravel the fascinating story behind this innovative and trend-setting brand. Join us as we delve into their commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and exquisite designs that have made them one of the most sought-after names in the industry. So strap yourselves in and get ready for an inspiring tale of passion, creativity, and impeccable style – let’s discover the captivating journey of Answear together!

Introduction to Answear

Answear is a leading fashion brand based in Poland that has been setting high quality standards since its inception in 2010. The brand has quickly gained recognition both within Poland and internationally for its unique designs, high-quality materials, and commitment to sustainability.

The journey of Answear began with the vision of two brothers, Rafal and Thomas Brzoska, who wanted to create a fashion brand that would offer stylish and affordable clothing options for men and women. With their passion for fashion and extensive knowledge of the industry, they set out to create a brand that would stand out from the rest.

Their dedication paid off when Answear was launched in 2010 with an online store offering a wide range of clothing, footwear, and accessories from various brands. However, it was not until 2013 when Answear introduced its own private label collection that the brand truly started gaining popularity.

The Brand's Philosophy and Values

The philosophy and values of a brand are integral to its identity and serve as the guiding principles for all aspects of its operation. Answear, a Polish fashion brand, takes great pride in its philosophy and values, which have helped shape the brand into what it is today – a leader in setting high quality standards in the fashion industry.

Answear philosophy is centered around the idea of creating timeless pieces that not only look good but also feel good. The brand believes that true style lies in simplicity and aims to design garments that will stand the test of time. This approach towards fashion is reflected in Answear's collections, where classic silhouettes and clean lines take precedence over passing trends.

In addition to creating timeless pieces, Answear places great emphasis on using high-quality materials and ethical production methods. The brand strongly believes that sustainability should be at the forefront of every fashion company's practices. As such, Answear carefully sources its fabrics from environmentally responsible suppliers and ensures fair working conditions for all workers involved in the production process.

Popular Collections and Products

Answear has gained immense popularity in the fashion world due to its high quality standards and unique designs. The brand is known for its distinct collections, each with their own aesthetic appeal and target audience.

One of the most popular collections from Answear is the "Black Label" collection. This line features elegant and sophisticated pieces that are perfect for formal occasions or upscale events. The collection consists of sleek blazers, tailored trousers, little black dresses, and statement accessories. The attention to detail and impeccable tailoring sets this collection apart from others in the market.

For those who prefer a more casual yet trendy look, Answear "Urban Chic" collection is a must-see. This line offers a range of comfortable yet stylish pieces such as oversized sweaters, denim jackets, and chunky boots. The versatility of these items allows them to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


From its humble beginnings to becoming a leading Polish fashion brand, Answear has continuously set high standards for quality and style in the industry. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices, they have earned the trust of customers worldwide. As they continue on their journey towards global recognition, we can expect even more innovative designs and exceptional products from this dynamic brand. Explore their collections and join the journey of Answear today!