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Discover the History of Decathlon Sports | From France to India

Have you ever wondered about the origin of decathlon sports, and how it has evolved over time? From its inception in France to its widespread popularity in India, the history of this athletic event is a fascinating journey worth exploring. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and discover the exciting story behind one of the most challenging and dynamic sports in existence – Decathlon .

Introduction to Decathlon Sports

Decathlon sports are a unique form of athletics that originated in France. The sport consists of ten different track and field events, which are held over two days. The athletes compete in each event with the aim of accumulating the most points.

The origins of decathlon can be traced back to the ancient Greek Olympics, where a similar event was held called the pentathlon. The modern day Decathlon was invented by French athlete Pierre de Coubertin in the late 19th century. The first ever Decathlon competition was held at the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

History of Decathlon in France

Decathlon is a French sportswear and equipment company, founded in 1976. The company sells sporting goods in over 4000 stores in more than 100 countries.

The name "Decathlon" comes from the Greek word for ten (δέκα, deka), as the first store was opened with ten different sports disciplines. The company has since expanded to sell a wide range of products for many different sports.

Decathlon was founded in Lille, France, by Michel Leclercq. The first store was opened in 1976, and the company has since expanded rapidly. There are now over 4000 Decathlon stores in more than 100 countries around the world.

Expansion of Decathlon Sports to India

Decathlon Sports, a French company specializing in the production and retail of sporting goods, has announced plans to expand its operations to India. This move comes as part of the company's efforts to tap into the growing demand for sporting goods in the country.

Decathlon Sports was founded in 1976 by Michel Darmon and Gerard Leblanc. The company started out as a small family-run business selling sports equipment from a garage in Lille, France. Today, it has grown into a global enterprise with over 1,500 stores in 40 countries.


Decathlon sports have come a long way from their roots in France to become one of the most popular and competitive sports in India. With its emergence as an international phenomenon, Decathlon sports have inspired many athletes to strive for excellence, while also bringing communities together through friendly competition. Whether you are looking to compete at the highest level or simply enjoy participating in recreational activities with friends, there is no doubt that Decathlon Sports has something to offer everyone!