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Burton Snowboards | A Journey from Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition

Calling all snowboard enthusiasts! Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of Burton Snowboards, a brand that has revolutionized the way we glide down those powdery slopes. Since its inception in 1977 by the visionary Jake Burton Carpenter, this iconic company has been soaring high above its competitors with unmatched innovation and cutting-edge design. With over four decades of pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible on a board, Burton Snowboards has become synonymous with excellence in the snowboarding industry. So strap on your boots, grab your goggles, and join us as we explore the captivating journey of this well-known and highly respected brand.

Introduction to Burton

In the realm of winter sports, Burton Snowboards stands as a pioneering force that has not only transformed the way we experience the slopes but has also become synonymous with the very spirit of snowboarding. From its humble beginnings in a Vermont barn to achieving global recognition, the journey of Burton Snowboards is a testament to innovation, passion, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the snow.

The Genesis in a Vermont Barn: A Snowboarding Pioneer is Born

Burton Snowboards' story begins in the late 1970s when Jake Burton Carpenter, fueled by a passion for snowboarding, decided to bring this exhilarating sport to a broader audience. In a small barn in Londonderry, Vermont, Burton started crafting prototypes and refining designs, laying the foundation for what would become a global snowboarding phenomenon. The barn became the birthplace of a vision that would revolutionize winter sports.

The First Snowboard: Innovations That Shaped an Industry

In 1977, Burton introduced the world to the Backhill, the first production snowboard. This marked the beginning of a series of innovations that would shape the snowboarding industry. Burton's commitment to improving equipment and pushing the boundaries of design set the brand apart. From pioneering the use of bindings to introducing the twin-tip snowboard, Burton consistently led the way in creating cutting-edge snowboarding equipment.

Snowboarding Goes Mainstream: Burton's Role in Popularizing the Sport

As snowboarding gained popularity, Burton played a pivotal role in elevating it from a niche activity to a mainstream winter sport. The brand's focus on developing user-friendly equipment and fostering a sense of community around snowboarding contributed to the sport's widespread acceptance. Burton's influence reached beyond the slopes, making snowboarding more accessible and appealing to a diverse audience.

Global Expansion: Taking the Burton Experience Worldwide

With the growth of snowboarding, Burton Snowboards expanded its reach beyond the United States. The brand's commitment to providing a comprehensive snowboarding experience, from equipment to apparel, resonated with enthusiasts worldwide. Burton stores and partnerships with retailers around the globe allowed the brand to share its passion for snowboarding and quality gear with a truly international audience.

Team Riders and Iconic Collaborations: Building a Snowboarding Culture

Burton commitment to the snowboarding community extended to fostering a culture around the sport. The brand collaborated with iconic riders, creating signature lines that showcased individual styles and contributed to the evolution of snowboarding culture. The Burton team became a roster of some of the most influential and talented riders, helping to shape the image and direction of the sport.


Burton Snowboards' journey from a Vermont barn to global recognition is a saga of passion, innovation, and a commitment to the spirit of snowboarding. Jake Burton Carpenter's vision and dedication to improving the snowboarding experience have left an indelible mark on the sport and the industry as a whole. From shaping the first snowboard to building a global community of riders, Burton story is one of inspiration and perseverance. As we carve through the slopes with Burton gear, we become part of a legacy that started with a small barn and transformed into a global movement, reminding us that the journey is just as important as the destination.